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Staying in Paris doesn’t have to be expensive. The city is very extensive and the closer we stay downtown probably be more expensive accommodation. A good choice to make our stay would be cheaper to catch a bit further from the center but with a subway station nearby which will allow us to move comfortably anywhere in the city.

Here we explain the different areas where sleep in Paris:

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It is the most central location and therefore the most expensive hotels. In this area it is the Louvre and you can easy walk to other attractions such as Notre Dame, Jardin des Tuileries or the Pompidou Centre. This area is used for business and administration so that at night is less lively. See hotels in District 1.

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In this area is the building of the Stock Exchange or the National Library. This area is also close to attractions and hotels here are probably a little cheaper than previous. See hotels in the 2nd district.

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Part of the Marais is located in this district. Its streets are always lively and full of shops and restaurants. Here we find the Jewish Quarter and places such as the Picasso Museum. It is a good place to stay but can also be a bit expensive. See hotels in District 3.

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This district includes part of the Ile de la Cite, where Notre Dame is located, as well as the Ile Saint-Louis. It also comprises the other part of the Marais. As the above is a good option to stay but their prices can be high. See hotels in District 4.

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Here is the historic Latin Quarter with its bars and restaurants everywhere. It is a very touristy area ideal if you intend to go out at night. It contains the Sorbonne and the Pantheon. It is a fairly central area and the hotels here are a bit cheaper. See hotels in the 5th district.

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In this district we find the Palace and Garden of Luxembourg addition to the neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This neighborhood hosts various art galleries. See hotels in District 6.

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This is the district where the Eiffel Tower. Although tourists visiting every day the monument is a fairly quiet and residential district. Here we also find the Invalides, the Orsay Museum, the Rodin Museum. See hotels in the 7th district.

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This is the most luxurious district of Paris. It contains the Champs Elysees with its exclusive fashion shops, the Arc de Triomphe and the Church of the Madeleine. In this area hotels are high-priced. See hotels in the 8th district.

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This is a fairly commercial district and in it are the famous Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department store. This district is also the Opera Garnier. See hotels in the 9th district.

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Here we find the North station (Gare de Nord), the Paris Est station (Gare de l’Est) and the Canal Saint-Martin. In the limit of this district with 11 is the square of the Republic, quite lively and has a variety of restaurants. The hotels in this area can be more economical. See hotels in the 10th district.

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It’s a little tourist district in recent years has become entertainment area due to the opening restaurants and nightclubs in the Place de la Bastille and Oberkampf Street. Here hotels have more reasonable prices. See hotels in the 11th district.

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This district houses the Opera Bastille and the Bois de Vincennes. In this district you can find cheaper hotels and well connected to the center by a subway station. See hotels in the 12th district.

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It is a less touristy district and is a former working-class neighborhood. It is known for its Asian neighborhood. The highlight here is the National Library of France. See hotels in District 13.

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More popularly known as Montparnasse because it is near the Montparnasse Tower. In this district also are the Catacombs of Paris or the Montparnasse Cemetery. It is a good choice to stay here because hotels are cheaper and have lively Boulevard du Montparnasse to drink or eat something. See hotels in District 14.

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District whose only interest is located near the Montparnasse Tower and that we will find cheaper hotels. If you find a hotel near a metro station can be a good option to stay. See hotels in the 15th district.

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Here we will find the most embassies. It is a quiet district located near the Eiffel Tower. This district also hosts the stadium of Paris Saint-Germain and Stade Roland Garros. Also it located in this district the Bois de Boulogne. See hotels in District 16.

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The only interest near this district is the Arc de Triomphe. In this district is the Palace of Congresses of the city and the Park Monceau. We can find in this area hotels are cheaper, but will only be interesting if they close a subway station that allows us to move around the city. See hotels in District 17.

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More commonly known as Montmartre is a very touristy area. Here we find the Sacre Coeur Basilica and the famous Moulin Rouge. This full of artists district during the day is a good option to stay but be a little further away. See hotels in the 18th district.

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This district is home to the Parc de la Villette, covering the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and the Cité de la Musique. It is also further away and you can find cheaper hotels. See hotels in District 19.

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Here we find one of the most famous cemeteries in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, where you can find graves of celebrities like Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison. quite remote area where the only attraction is to find cheaper hotels. See hotels District 20.

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